L056A Avatar Mushroom Light (Vase design)

L056A Avatar Mushroom Light (Vase design)
L056A Avatar Mushroom Light (Vase design)
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产品尺寸:底座高8CM 外圈28CM



最最温暖的等待,让深夜归家的人不感到孤单!冬天已经来了,寒风中,我们冻的瑟瑟发抖但为了心爱的这个家,我们心甘情愿的,在风中奔波忙碌,甚至。深夜无奈的加班,应酬。亲爱的,如果我们在深夜为那个心爱的TA亮起一盏不灭的,爱的 ,温馨的,充满浓浓爱意的小夜灯吧,TA一定会在这个寒冷的冬夜,感受到我们最最温暖的爱的等待!



Packing: color box
Product Dimensions: outer base of high 8CM 28CM
Packing size: 12.2 * 12 * 15.7
Product Material: Plastic

Most warm to wait and let the people go home at night does not feel alone! Winterhas come, the cold, shivering cold, but we loved this house in order, we willingly, in thebusy rushing wind, and even. Helpless night overtime, to socialize. Honey, if we lovethe TA for that night a lamp is lit the eternal, loving, warm, full of deep love of the night light bar, TA will be in this cold winter night and feel our best Wait warmest love!

Note that ah! The light is On turn when no light, do not try in the day time , it will be light up during the day time by touching the little sensitive whole with finger, this light is design to ON during night time.


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