independent Cylinder Air Cushion Insole

independent Cylinder Air Cushion Insole
independent Cylinder Air Cushion Insole
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Independent Cylinder Air Cushion Insole

With this deal, we are ALL about taking care of your health, body posture and comfort. 


Product Feature 

- Foot Massage function

- Absorbs moiture and provides breath ability

- Provide exceptional comfort while increasing shock absorption for comfort

- Absob the impact while , standing, walking or running or total support insoles to help support and stabilize your arch and heel

- Super elastic silicon relift the stress and tension on the feet


Groups most in need of this product :

- Person who active in sport

- Growing youth

- Person who need to stand for long period

- Person who always walk

- Person who need to carry heavy equipment

- Person who work long hours physical labour


Main function 

- Relax your feet and reduce the stress on your feet and ankle

- Independent cylinder with breathable air pocket can prevent foot odor.

- Special silicon , flexible and durable

- Increase air circulation, helps in relaxing your feet, reduce vibration, suitable for person who need to stand for long period.

- Softness of the silicon can reduce vibration and impact while walking

- 110 independent cylinder air cushion can help adsorb the vibration and reduce impact. Little round bump inside the air pocket can help massage our feet while walking.





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