Agent/ DropShip


Agent System : 
Our shop is launching agent system to provide more conveniences to members. 

Benefit of Agent System
1) No agency fees or pre-deposit
2) No need to worry about stock of supply
3) Reduce your administrative and procurement costs
4) No posting/shipment problem, able to work at home.
5) No stock risk 
6) With minimum investment to achieve greater returns
7) As a part time or full time income
8) Extra income / bonus from our shop.
9) Help you to post the product to your customer with your info.

How to be agent?
1) Register as our member
2) Inform system admin to become agent by email
   Please provide info as below:
   a) Member ID
   b) Member Name
   c) Member Address
   d) Member Phone No.
3) Waiting confirmation from admin.

How to sales?
1) You can copy our photo of each product to your website/ facebook/ blog/ picasa and etc 
2) Sales at your own pricing.
3) Once get order just place your order in 
4) Modify the receiver name, address and phone no, so that we can help you to post.



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