C017 Genuine Clocky Alarm Clock on Wheels

C017 Genuine Clocky Alarm Clock on Wheels
C017 Genuine Clocky Alarm Clock on Wheels
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Who is Clocky ?



There was such an alarm clock, so we have been impressed, it is called The Clocky - a missing alarm clock. Principle, his voice (alarm clock languages ​​... Jiliguala) and courage (from a height of 3 feet jumped out and uninjured), two of the only with the big wheels it gallop, born not trivial. It is that devotion to duty as an alarm clock, self-cultivation, its human hands pinched off set the alarm behavior disgusted, so it persist in using the unique language of the alarm clock to wake you up.


Of course, it is not rigid, it will give you one more chance to stay in bed, and then will roll off the bedside cabinet unpredictable trajectory, slip your index finger. You can only get up from bed, find its hiding place to get it to shut up. Cute little persist in people a love-hate relationship.


The two large wheels, alarm clock sound when loaded alarm clock ran and ran. Has run, of course, if you are really lazy, you seize, it may not stop the run, maybe hit the wall will bounce back to continue to ran and ran.


This is known as the first 10 magic alarm clock in the world: a missing alarm clock! One of two large wheels on the launch, the English name of hide and seek, and looks like a little hide and seek meaning.


However, this alarm clock to provide the lazy mode, try to use less Oh, everyone purchase health center studies have shown that the stop ring loud alarm clock may lead to emotional control, depression or mania.


Clocky is fun, but he is not a toy


Set your snooze time, 0-9 min
Snooze once before he runs away
Choose 0 and he runs right away
Can jump from up to 3 feet
Moves on wood and carpet
Press snooze to view time at night
Screen flashes when beeping/running
Alarm beeps in random pattern
Clocky is small: 5.25" x 3.5" x 3.5"
Want him to stay put? Disable wheels.
Early low battery warning
Colors: almond, aqua, mint, mustard
Loud alarm 80 dB level
Battery life varies (Avg. 6-8 months normal daily use)
Requires 4 AAA batteries (not included)
Not recommended on thick carpeting
Do not place higher than 3 feet!
Clocky is fun, but he is not a toy
Random color available





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